How To Grow Hair Faster Naturally


There's nothing more glamorous than long and luscious hair. It's no wonder women are looking for ways to speed their natural hair growth just in time for that special occasion. Thick and voluminous hair exemplifies beauty and health, however growing long hair needs to be carefully managed to prevent nasty split ends and hair thinning. Sluggish hair growth can be caused by many factors including nutritional deficiencies, dehydrated hair, and insufficient scalp circulation.

It will take time, patience and maintenance to help your hair grow, keeping in mind that a healthy hair care routine needs to be consistent to grow hair faster naturally.


Scalp Massage

The first step towards your healthy hair growth regimen is to stimulate the scalp. Adding a 10-15 minute scalp massage to your hair care routine will not only improve the circulation to your hair follicle, but will also help reduce stress. Since healthy hair starts from the root, the scalp needs to be relaxed to accelerate hair growth. Use a little hot oil to aid in hydrating the scalp while massaging. Regular scalp massages are proven to be the most effective hair growth method to boost the follicle's ability to grow.


Your Hair Cut

Your hair style is important in the long run if you are considering growing your hair. If your hair is at an even length, it will look sleek while you're growing it out with fewer split ends. If you want to start growing your hair while it's still in choppy layers, chances are it will look a bit uneven with monthly trims. Essentially you would end up cutting off more hair to achieve an even length to easily manage it. Straight or wavy hair can go for one or two layers while curly hair should consider adding more layers for extra volume.


Trim Your Ends

With longer hair length comes the need for regular trims. Certain hair types will encounter changes in thickness and texture which requires a trim to prevent breakage and split ends. Since longer hair can cause it to appear lacklustre and thin, it’s important to trim any ends that appear damaged. Keep your hair healthy and free from brittle ends with monthly trimming to continue to grow your hair faster. Depending on your hair type, cut as little as you can to prevent split ends while maintaining a healthy appearance. If you skip out on monthly trimming, you might end up cutting off more length down the road because of the damaged ends.


Nourish Your Ends

Split ends and breakage are your worst nightmare when you want to grow your hair out. With dehydrated ends, hair becomes dry and brittle. Along with trimming your hair, hydrating them goes hand-in-hand.  One example of a shampoo that makes your hair grow is Biotin Beauty shampoo which is infused with Argan Oil, Biotin and MSM and will promote silky smooth ends to help you continue with your hair care process. Chances are that you will less likely need to trim your hair if it's in healthy condition. We recommended that you treat your hair to a weekly hot oil treatment with olive oil or coconut oil for deep conditioning.


Healthy Diet

Most who have difficulty with hair growth should consider nutritional deficiencies. A poor diet can be the leading cause of hair loss and breakage. A healthy and nutritious diet filled with organic fruits and vegetables will improve hair growth. Having a balanced diet with the right mix of protein, iron, keratin, MSM and Biotin can speed up the hair's ability to grow. Organic foods such as fish, raw green vegetables, fruits and dairy products are all excellent sources of vitamins, iron, zinc and minerals.


With these vital tips to consider for faster hair growth, keeping it consistent will improve your hair in no time!