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“Since using this product I have definitely seen a difference in my hair. Moving from Hairfinity to this product I saw a difference in about a two weeks or so when washing my hair it is definitely thicker and have definitely grown about 1/4 of an inch. I use this alongside Jamaican extra dark castor oil and massage this into my scalp and this is also good for hair growth too, got these products at the same time and I am very. Happy it contains MSM! Would recommend.”

-Rehanna Cameron


"These work - honestly! I was very sceptical but I was desperate and was willing to try anything. My nails used to be very strong but due to various reasons - stress, menopause etc., they started to break and split and nothing I did helped. I did some research online and was impressed by the reviews for this product so I took a leap of faith and bought them. At first I saw no difference at all but as I had bought them I continued to take them. Within approx 6 weeks I started to notice a massive improvement and now I can't stop them growing, so much so that I have to file them down regularly. I would most definitely recommend this product but you must persevere."

-Zeus, London


"Definitely buying again...been using for a month and my hair has had noticeable growth"

-Saritta B, UK


"I don't normally review many products but this is amazing! I've been using it a month now and my hair has grown so fast and thicker than it used to. Not only have I noticed it myself but other people have commented at how long it's gotten in such a short space of time. I'd definitely reccomend this product and I shall be repurchasing!"

-Natasha, UK


"I have only been using these tablets for a week and have already noticed a difference in my hair and how it looks, soft and shiny. My hair actually feels strong. On hair growth though, too early to say. My nails are growing at a fast rate and feel much stronger!
So far so good! Actually looking forward to seeing how my hair looks, regarding length after the 3 month supply is finished."

-Fiona M, UK


"I've been taking these tablets for 4 weeks now and can see the difference with my hair condition- they are not falling out as much as they used too and grow very fast (unfortunately on my legs too:)). Mixture of B Vitamins and MSM works very well, especially with keeping my skin clear of acne- had very bad breakouts after taking pure biotin."

-Justyna, London


"I'm impressed, I could see reasonable amount of growth and dandruff has reduced drastically, stronger nails as well, looking forward to seeing new improvements as the days go by."

-Ice, UK


“Brilliant product from a friend’s recommendation. I got to see myself the same effect on my hair after using it for couple of weeks. Tablets are small and easy to swallow. Fast delivery too so a happy customer here!”



“After trying various remedies, homemade hair products, branded products, plaiting my hair, head massages, less heat, washing hair with tepid water etc….All the things that are meant to improve hair growth nothing worked and if you know me well enough my hair grows at snail pace, my hair only grows at a ridiculous 4-6 inches a year and my nails are pretty much the same so as an alternative I’ve started having acrylics to have some nail length that is consistent. My skin has also been pretty terrible, as I have acne even at the age of 21 I’ve always struggled with my skin, hair and nails.

I bought these tablets on the off chance that they would work because I’ve tried everything else so I had nothing to lose… And I’ve got to say that they work!

I’ve only used the tablets a week and I can see a massive change in my skin and my nails have grown out so quickly that I might have to consider getting my acrylics done again and my hair has grown at least 2cm in just a week… For me that’s a significant difference to my usual growth! And not to mention the glow, shine, fullness and thickness my hair has now.
I have more energy too, these pills are by far the best beauty pill/hair, skin and nail pills I’ve ever taken and once my three month supply has almost run out, I will be purchasing more for sure!”

–Ashley Rookes


"LOVE THIS PRODUCT, my hair seems to be growing faster than it usually would and breaking less. I am going to buy another one :)"



"Brill been using just over a month and my sisters has grown and mine has too. Would defo buy again"

-Helen McNaughton


“I would definitely recommend this product, I looked at other hair growth products and other branded ones such as Hair Burst or Hairfinity cost a lot more and have less Biotin. My hair feels in better condition and although early days to comment on hair growth my eyelashes that were once short have grown a lot longer in length and overall I feel better with more energy too. The tablets are small enough to swallow and I will be purchasing again!”

 -Vanessa Av


“Before taking these I was having some trouble with my nails, they would keep ripping off close to the nail bed so it was really really painful! But since taking these tablets my nails have got so much stronger! I couldn’t be happier with the results :)”

 -Isabelle, London


"It works wonders, a must have product. My hair is longer than expected and my nails are strong"

-Miss Lorraine Mashinge


“Absolutely indeed ‘the beauty pill’! The product is super! It has the the maximum strength of Biotin content (12,000 mcg) compared among other brands and I immediately noticed a great effect on my bad hair fall since using the pills few weeks ago. And also, my skin looks extra flawless, radiant and glowing like never before and as result of lovely compliments from friends. Highly recommended!”

–A. Dpena, London


“Really a Beauty Pill, my hair, skin and nails are glowing. Love it!”

–Jennlyn, London


“I have tried using various products in the past but this surpasses them all. Friends have commented on how clear my skin is and how well I look. After 6 weeks my nails are stronger and don’t appear to be breaking as they usually do. My hair is feeling in great condition. I will be ordering some more and for my sister in law. Thank you Biotin Beauty.”

–Sheila Trundle


“Fast delivery and brilliant product!! Noticed such a difference in short space of time nails and hair have grown”



“I have been taking Biotin Beauty for 2 weeks now and I have noticed a definite improvement in the strength of my nails and also see my skin is much clearer than usual! Would definitely recommend for those who have weak/brittle nails! :)”

-Lucy Rackham


“I have only been using these tablets for a week and have already noticed a difference in my hair and how it looks, soft and shiny. My hair actually feels strong. My nails are growing at a fast rate and feel much stronger!
So far so good!”

–Fiona M


“Good product. Will buy again . Really works;)”

-Lisa Gee


"Seems to be working"

-Annette "Nettles" East 


"I've been meaning to write a review for this as usually I don't bother. After the birth of my 3rd child then having the coil fitted and about 7 years of dying it I noticed my hair being brittle, a hell of a lot thinner and unable to grow..I was so worried by it I even brought hair extensions to thicken..I've been taking two of these tablets a day for the past two months almost and my hair has grown amazing! It's added inches already and it much better condition! I can't recommend enough. I haven't noticed much difference with my skin but I've never really had troublesome skin anyway, my nails do seem to be growing at a faster pace as well. I'll definitely be purchasing more after this month is up, I've tried other supplements but this is by far the way for faster noticeable results and so much cheaper than hair infinity. I've also noticed my energy levels are up, I'm definitely not as tired as I usually would be which leads to a happier me! I can't fault these at all aside from they would be better in capsule form to easier for people like me to take. If your having problems with your hair, please give these a try!"

-Heather Moore


“The bottle arrived on time and well-packaged. I was amazed how this product worked in just few weeks of on it! It made a visible difference on my hair and nails. My nails are grown in very good shape and hair feels thicker and soft. Considering the price, you can’t go wrong because you get a supply that is fairly good for 3 months.”

-Joan Gagate, London