Its More Than Hair Vitamins

Feel good on the inside, and look your absolute best on the outside. Biotin Beauty from JuliaJosh is the only supplement to provide 12,000mcg Biotin per serving, making it the world's strongest & best biotin supplement. But we didn't stop there. Biotin Beauty also contains MSM and ten essential vitamins for glowing skin, stronger nails and a fast track to longer, straighter, more beautiful hair. Biotin Beauty's unique and potent formula has truly earned it the nickname "The Beauty Pill."

Biotin is well known for promoting luscious, healthy hair and preventing against dryness and breakage. Meanwhile MSM provides dietary sulphur which is vital to the formation of collagen and keratin for healthy hair growth. Together they work beautifully well, helping your hair to reach its maximum length in the shortest possible time.

Biotin Beauty is also boosted with ten essential vitamins for stronger nails, glowing skin, and all-round female health. No more brittle nails! Vitamin B complex helps to keep you looking fresh by boosting your immune system and reducing tiredness, whilst Vitamin B6 supports hormone regulation. Vitamin C also supports collagen formation, healthy hair and supple skin.

A 200 tablet bottle will last three months, long enough to see beautiful results! This makes it available for less than the price of one cup of coffee per week! And if for whatever reason you aren't completely satisfied, you can return the product within 60 days for a, no-questions asked, 100% money back guarantee!

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Biotin Beauty exceeds GMP standards, ensuring the highest quality product and ingredients.



Not all that long ago, shampoo choices were pretty limited and choosing a shampoo was mostly done on how much we liked the scent or brand. Nowadays, with so many brands coming out with the latest and innovative shampoo formulations, our hair-woes are out the window! From nourishing shampoos for those dreaded winter months to colour-enriching shampoos to add more vibrancy to your hair. There are plenty of different types of liquid shampoos to meet your hair type.

So we thought we’d narrow down the  best shampoo types and prepare this handy guide so you can find exactly what your hair needs.


Colour-Depositing Shampoo

If you frequently dye your hair, chances are your colour starts to fade from the first time you wash your hair after getting it freshly dyed. This is where a colour-depositing shampoo comes in. This is great for those who love to dye their hair, or even for those who don't!

Most shampoos contain a high amount of soap properties which cleans the hair of oil and dirt, although your hair colour can get stripped away in the process. A colour-depositing shampoo contains a diluted amount of pigment to replace what gets washed away from shampooing. Even those who don't colour their hair will notice a light tint to their natural hair colour.

For example, if you’re a blonde, we recommend using a purple shampoo which distributes purple pigments to subtly counteract the brassy tones that can come from weeks of washing.


Clarifying Shampoo

If you're an avid user of hair products such as hair gel and sprays, using a deep-cleansing shampoo will help get rid of all stubborn build up better than a regular shampoo will. Products which contain non-water soluble ingredients such as silicone and oils can be difficult to cleanse. A clarifying shampoo works well for normal to oily hair types since it can have a drying effect if used too often.

Clarifying shampoos contain very little conditioning properties so it's recommended to only use once per week if you frequently use a lot of hair products or have an oily scalp. Those with a naturally oily scalp can benefit with a deep cleanse to help revive your hair and keep it fresh.


Volumising Shampoo

Most hair types lack thickness and volume when styling, so it's no wonder we end up using thickening gels and mousse to create a bold hairstyle. Certain nourishing oils contained in many shampoos can weigh the hair down from the root, making it look flat. For more thickness and fuller looking hair, a volumising shampoo will add the perfect lift, making each strand look full-bodied.

Enriched with protein, volumising shampoos are formulated to increase the diameter of each strand that brings your hair to life. Fine hair types can benefit from using a thickening shampoo daily to boost the overall appearance of your hair. If your hair develops oil more frequently, skip using a conditioner after shampooing for best results.


Hydrating Shampoo

Dry and damaged hair is a common ailment amongst frequent salon visitors. With too much chemical-based treatment, we can end up doing more harm than good to our hair. Adding moisture and hydration to our hair care routine is important to maintain a soft and smoother texture. Most hydrating hair products are filled with heavy moisturising agents.

Using a lightweight hydrating shampoo will cleanse your hair effectively while adding a rich, smooth texture and replenish your hair's natural moisture and shine. A hydrating shampoo will strengthen the hair follicle whilst also nourishing the hair to make it easily manageable.


Biotin Shampoo

If you're suffering from lack of hair growth, or want longer, more bountiful hair, a biotin shampoo might help. In order to prevent hair loss and promote growth, increasing biotin levels will over time help to restore your hair to a voluminous, healthy state. Biotin deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss leading to bald patches, a dry scalp. Our Biotin Beauty Shampoo can be used in conjunction with our Biotin Beauty vitamins for best results.

Shampoos enriched with this vitamin will naturally restore balance and hydrate the scalp. It can help the scalp absorb the vitamin which helps to expand the cuticle to make your hair volumised. The shampoo will result in faster and thicker hair growth when compared to only taking Biotin supplements alone.


­Knowing which type of shampoo works best for your hair is the first step towards healthy, beautiful hair! We hope you found this guide useful!


There's nothing more glamorous than long and luscious hair. It's no wonder women are looking for ways to speed their natural hair growth just in time for that special occasion. Thick and voluminous hair exemplifies beauty and health, however growing long hair needs to be carefully managed to prevent nasty split ends and hair thinning. Sluggish hair growth can be caused by many factors including nutritional deficiencies, dehydrated hair, and insufficient scalp circulation.

It will take time, patience and maintenance to help your hair grow, keeping in mind that a healthy hair care routine needs to be consistent to grow hair faster naturally.


Scalp Massage

The first step towards your healthy hair growth regimen is to stimulate the scalp. Adding a 10-15 minute scalp massage to your hair care routine will not only improve the circulation to your hair follicle, but will also help reduce stress. Since healthy hair starts from the root, the scalp needs to be relaxed to accelerate hair growth. Use a little hot oil to aid in hydrating the scalp while massaging. Regular scalp massages are proven to be the most effective hair growth method to boost the follicle's ability to grow.


Your Hair Cut

Your hair style is important in the long run if you are considering growing your hair. If your hair is at an even length, it will look sleek while you're growing it out with fewer split ends. If you want to start growing your hair while it's still in choppy layers, chances are it will look a bit uneven with monthly trims. Essentially you would end up cutting off more hair to achieve an even length to easily manage it. Straight or wavy hair can go for one or two layers while curly hair should consider adding more layers for extra volume.


Trim Your Ends

With longer hair length comes the need for regular trims. Certain hair types will encounter changes in thickness and texture which requires a trim to prevent breakage and split ends. Since longer hair can cause it to appear lacklustre and thin, it’s important to trim any ends that appear damaged. Keep your hair healthy and free from brittle ends with monthly trimming to continue to grow your hair faster. Depending on your hair type, cut as little as you can to prevent split ends while maintaining a healthy appearance. If you skip out on monthly trimming, you might end up cutting off more length down the road because of the damaged ends.


Nourish Your Ends

Split ends and breakage are your worst nightmare when you want to grow your hair out. With dehydrated ends, hair becomes dry and brittle. Along with trimming your hair, hydrating them goes hand-in-hand.  One example of a shampoo that makes your hair grow is Biotin Beauty shampoo which is infused with Argan Oil, Biotin and MSM and will promote silky smooth ends to help you continue with your hair care process. Chances are that you will less likely need to trim your hair if it's in healthy condition. We recommended that you treat your hair to a weekly hot oil treatment with olive oil or coconut oil for deep conditioning.


Healthy Diet

Most who have difficulty with hair growth should consider nutritional deficiencies. A poor diet can be the leading cause of hair loss and breakage. A healthy and nutritious diet filled with organic fruits and vegetables will improve hair growth. Having a balanced diet with the right mix of protein, iron, keratin, MSM and Biotin can speed up the hair's ability to grow. Organic foods such as fish, raw green vegetables, fruits and dairy products are all excellent sources of vitamins, iron, zinc and minerals.


With these vital tips to consider for faster hair growth, keeping it consistent will improve your hair in no time!


Summer is officially in full swing! Each year we wait for summer to come around to soak in the sun, get a little tanned and relax by the pool. The last thing on your mind at the beach or poolside is probably your hair. With the scorching heat and humidity, it's bound to take a toll on your healthy hair. While we bathe our skin in sun screen, our hair needs just as much protection, if not more!

Prolonged exposure to the sun's UVA and UVB rays can wreak havoc on your scalp with increased split ends and dryness causing it to become weak and brittle. The sun weakens your hair’s protein structure, dehydrates it and reduces elasticity, rendering your hair prone to breakage. When combined with humidity, saltwater or chlorine, your hair can end up looking disastrous! Signs of sun damage on your hair includes thinning, frizz and split ends.

Some of the best summer hair care tips for sun-damaged hair will help infuse moisture, vitamins and protect against weakened strands for long-term hair health. Here are some of the best ways to protect your hair from sun and harsh water exposure.


Deep Conditioning

If you're planning to take a swim in the beach or pool, chances are your hair can end up super dry and frail. To keep your hair and scalp healthy, hydrated and protected during the summer months, using a deep conditioner infused with essential proteins and nutrients will help reverse signs of damage. A leave-in treatment with an ultra-hydrating masque works to replenish moisture, while soothing the cuticle and ends from heat damage.

This will help strengthen cuticles damaged by excess heat and help protect your hair against breakage. The added moisture and protein will prevent your hair from feeling dry, brittle of frizzy. This will help to detangle, soften and manage a smoother hair texture for a healthier appearance.

Nourishing Biotin Shampoo

To keep your hair balanced and cleansed from sea and pool water, shampooing daily with a Biotin-enriched product will help your scalp, control hair loss and breakage and strengthen the root. While Biotin is known to be taken orally for healthy hair and nails, a Biotin and collagen shampoo will help treat damage caused by sun and beach water exposure. Biotin shampoo is excellent for restructuring the hair follicle to nourish and add a lustrous shine.

This nourishing hair growth shampoo will help clean your scalp and eliminate build up when used regularly. If you’re suffering from dryness and tangles, the shampoo will heal and soothe to prevent a weak scalp.

Beach/Chlorine Damage

With the harsh UV rays from the sun causing brittleness, dryness and breakage- similar effects can be caused by chlorine in the water from the pool. Salt water can also drastically reduce moisture content and elasticity.  The best way to protect your hair against harsh water damage is to make your own UV protection for hair.

To create your own hair sunscreen, dilute 2 teaspoons of SPF 25 sun block with one cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. A water-resistant zinc sunscreen works best for hair since it will not wash off easily. Dampen your hair before spraying the sun protection into your hair. If you are going in and out of the water, keep the spray bottle with you to reapply during the day. Don't forget to apply the product on your scalp to the ends, if you suffer from hair fall this is an important step.

Now you are ready to step out into the sun without fear of hair damage. Enjoy!