Biotin & MSM

Biotin & MSM Work Beautifully Together for Hair, Skin and Nail Health.

 Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, Vitamin H or Coenzyme R, is one of the best known and relied-upon natural supplements for promoting luscious, healthy hair and preventing against dryness and breakage. It increases the elasticity and thickness of your hair, making it fuller and more voluminous, and is also known for increasing nail health and growth. Women often report experiencing stronger nails very early on in their Biotin Beauty journey.

MSM provides dietary sulphur which is vital to the formation of keratin and collagen for healthy hair growth. MSM also forms the flexible bonds within your hair, skin and joints, and has countless associated health benefits.

 Biotin Beauty provides 12,000mcg of Biotin and 800mg of MSM per daily serving, more than any other hair growth supplement. Together, Biotin & MSM help your hair to achieve its maximum length in the shortest possible time, keep your nails strong and your skin glowing.